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 Woods Design House can provide a complete design plan for your new custom home. If you need an architect, we can refer you to one of our preferred architects, or you can bring your plans to us! This starts with an initial consultation to discuss your wants, needs and budget. We combine that with your personal design style and our expertise, to curate a complete design plan and everything you need to begin your project. Once we have the shared CAD files from the architect, we can build on to your floor plan shell and include everything from architectural millwork, custom cabinet layouts and built-ins, additional electrical for specialty locations, as well as curate the interior and exterior finish selections. Our package includes floor plan/bird’s eye view of your home, 2D or 3D elevations, plus colored visuals and finish samples for the home. This service is essential before starting any project and allows you to visualize the complete function and style of the space.


  • Initial Consultation, Averages 2-4 hours, and range from $550+ depending on the size and scale of new home  

  • This service package averages around $4/per square foot *call for more details 

Once the design plan is complete, our services don’t end there. WDH collaborates with local contractors to begin your project construction. We meet with each contractor to discuss the project, as well as set forth our and the client’s expectations from beginning to end of your project. Once the client hires their contractor, WDH orders all of the fixtures, tracks their shipment and delivers to the jobsite for you. 

If your home is already fully designed and you only need interior and exterior finish selections, we can curate all of the finishes and fixtures for you as well! Call for more details on that service.  


Woods Design House provides Project Accountability to help keep your project moving along in a timely manner, make sure the contractor is building in accordance with your design plans, that the jobsite is clean, etc.  

We created this service after seeing our clients struggle for various reasons through the construction phase of the projects, including poor quality work, negligence on the part of a trade or contractor and budget overruns. While our service is not a guarantee that those bad things won’t happen, we have found that we are able to help our clients reach a more positive outcome when they do. We not only want to ensure that your beautiful design comes to life, but that the process is smooth and your hard earned dollars are properly spent.

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