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Here at Woods Design House, we are committed to providing our clients with exceptional customer service. We have laid out a list of questions that are commonly asked by our clients. However, if there is something that we have missed please feel free to reach out to us at We would be more than happy to address any of your needs and help you find clarity.

What services do you offer?

We are a full service design company. We offer: 

2D, 3D, Black + White, and colorized renders, cabinet layouts and floor plans

Design of finishes, paint colors, and all details in between for remodels and new construction projects

Hybrid-Decor selections for clients who want to update their furniture + decor

E-Design Furniture + Decor for any client outside of the greater Houston area.

I know what interior design service I need, but I don't know what to do next. Where do I start?

Please Click Here fill out our questionnaire to get started. Once received, we will be in touch to schedule your Initial Design Consultation with one of our team members.

What happens at the Initial Design Consultation?

After filling out our questionnaire, we will contact you to schedule your Initial Design Consultation. During this consultation, our team will walk through your home to discuss your wants and needs, and to hear from you about what is working and not working in your current space. We will discuss budget + timeline, create the scope of work to be completed, and ask many questions to gather your design style, color preferences, and material preferences that will make your home better suited for all residents. While we do need to see the problem areas of your home so they can be addressed, we do need the home to be picked up and relatively clean for the visit so we can take photos and measure every corner needed.

I don't know what my design style is. Is that a problem?

Not a problem at all! We prefer for your design style to develop organically, rather than based off of a definition. During your Initial Design Consultation, we will ask you a series of simple questions + will give you time to share every jumbled thought in your brain. We then take all of that information and turn it into a beautiful design, perfectly tailored for you. Our clients are always shocked that we can nail down their taste without ever worrying about the style definition.

I know I need to fully renovate my kitchen or bathroom. Where do I begin?

Click Here

I like my kitchen or bathroom layout, but want to update the tile, countertops, and fixtures. Where do I begin?

Click Here

I am building a new home and need help with the design. What service do I need?

Click Here

My home just doesn't feel warm and cozy, and I need help pulling it together. Do you offer a service that can help me?

Click Here

I need to convert a bedroom and dining room into an office space or theatre room. What service do I need?

Click Here

I moved into a new home and need all new furniture and decor. Help!

Click Here

My laundry room is just not functioning for my family and I need more storage. What service will help me?

Click Here

I want to convert my game room into the ultimate playroom with customized storage for my kids. Where do I start?

Click Here



Not only do we offer fantastic + function design, but we also will walk alongside you throughout the entire construction process, regardless of what type of project you have. Please click the buttons below to learn more about what you can expect from us after the Design Phase is complete,  fill out our design questionnaire, and schedule your FREE 15 minute Discovery Call with Lead Designer + Owner, Emily Woods. We can't wait to meet you and hear more about your project!





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